Registration Details

Our Online & In-Home Music Lessons

  • We offer a Yearly Lessons Plan (10 months Sept-July), as well as a Monthly Lessons Plan. You can start either plan anytime throughout the year, and you can continue your lessons in July and August

  • Both plans offer two Online Recitals for students to demonstrate their skills, and meet other students. One recital will be in Spring, and the other will be at the end of the year in June



Our Yearly Lessons Plan has added benefits to the Monthly Lessons Plan including...

  • Cheaper Lessons! A discount of $5 per lesson

  • Scheduling and re-scheduling priority over monthly students

  • A structured lesson plan to progress throughout the year


Our Monthly Lessons Plan is beneficial if you don’t think you can commit to 10 months or if you have prior obligations. For our Monthly Lessons Plan you can cancel your lessons, with no cancellation fee, if you let us know within the required time

Registration Fee:
Our registration fee covers lessons for one student up to an entire family of one house. This fee covers the registration of the students, lesson scheduling and the students personal lesson calendar.
The fee is due by your first lesson after your free trial lesson for both Yearly and Monthly Plan students