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Prices & Info

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Yearly Lessons Plan Rate...

  • $30 / Student - 30 min

  • $37.50 / Student - 45 min

  • $45 / Student - 60 min

  • Free Trial Lesson

  • 50% Off the second student for double lessons

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lessons

Monthly Lessons Plan Rate...

  • $35 / Student - 30 min

  • $42.50 / Student - 45 min

  • $50 / Student - 60 min

  • Free Trial Lesson

  • 50% Off the second student for double lessons

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lessons

More Info...

Our In Home Music Lesson Plans...

  • We offer a Yearly Lesson Plan (9 months), as well as a Monthly Lessons Plan. You can take either weekly or bi-weekly lessons in both plans

  • Both plans offer an end of the year recital in either May or June where you can demonstrate your skills on your instrument in a relaxed environment



Our Yearly Lessons Plan has added benefits to the Monthly Lessons Plan including...

  • Cheaper Lessons! A discount of $5 per lesson - Roughly 15% less than the Monthly Lessons Plan...

  • Quarterly Progress Reports every 3 months

  • Continue throughout the Summer or take a break! Summer Lessons start in June 2020


Our Monthly Lessons Plan is beneficial if you don’t think you can commit to 9 months or if you have prior obligations. For our Monthly Lessons Plan you can cancel lessons at any time with no cancellation fee, as long as you let us know in time. Also you can postpone a lesson if you give us 2 or more hours notice before your next lesson. Then we will use the payment of that lesson as credit towards a lesson in your following month.    

Registration Fee:
Our registration fee of $20 per year covers lessons for one student up to an entire family of one house. This fee covers the registration of the students, lesson scheduling and personal student calendars.
The fee is due by your first lesson after your free trial lesson for both Yearly and Monthly Plan students.



Applies to both Yearly and Monthly Plan students:

A Payment for either the Yearly or Monthly Lessons Plan (along with the Registration Fee) is due by the next lesson after your initial Free Trial Lesson. The payment will be for the remaining lessons you have in your first month

All future payments are due by the 1st of each month

The two methods of payment we accept are E-Transfer and Credit Card through Quickbooks Online, our secure accounting program

We do not accept cash or cheque, unless discussed and agreed upon between the student and Start Me Up Music & Art

If you can’t pay by E-Transfer or Credit Card please call or email us, your instructor will not accept your cash or cheque payment until it is confirmed okay by us.


Missed Lessons & Make Up Lessons:
Applies to both Yearly and Monthly Plan students:

You can cancel any lesson in either the Yearly or Monthly Plans if you give your instructor at least two hours notice. 


We’ll deduct the price of that lesson off of your current months payment. If you’ve already paid for the month, we’ll use your payment as credit towards a lesson in your next month

Rescheduling lessons is possible depending on your instructors availability, it’s the students duty to communicate with their instructor and agree on a day that will work for the both of them.

Contact us if you have any questions
Or if you want to register for your Free Trial Lesson!


Offering Private Or Two Student Lessons At Your Home!




Lessons are offered any day of the week


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