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Bernard Sprenger

Guitar - Piano - Ukulele - Bass Guitar - Drums - Vocals

Bernard Sprenger is a very versatile musician and instructor with the ability to teach various instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, and vocals to a variety of ages and skill levels, which makes him one of Edmonton’s top teachers!


With a BA in Music Composition from Grant MacEwan University and over 5 years of teaching experience, Bernard has had the ability to instruct a variety of different ages, skill levels and different walks of life by showing them not just musical technique, but theory and composition as well. He is a very friendly, and patient music instructor, who will always work on progressing his students


Bernard is also highly active in the Edmonton music scene; he currently plays in a local band that have been together for a few years and are his most successful project to date. He has also been part of numerous other musical projects throughout his time as a musician and is always working on his own solo pieces as well

In-Home Lessons: Edmonton

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Kailey Lambert


Kailey has been teaching piano for over 4 years and has worked with a variety of students of various skill levels and ages

Classically trained, Kailey has been learning piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music from a young age and passed her level 8 exam with honors. She has also achieved her advanced theory certificate and is currently studying for a bachelor’s in music composition at Grant MacEwan University


With a kind and patient teaching style, Kailey will always make sure she provides a welcoming and comfortable learning environment while always looking to progress her students to the next level!

In-Home Lessons: Edmonton

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Damian Borges

Guitar - Piano - Ukulele - Bass Guitar

Damian Borges is a dedicated teacher and the manager of Start Me Up Music & Art. With over 6 years of teaching experience Damian has instructed students young and old on guitar, piano ukulele, and bass guitar


Specializing in various styles of guitar, Damian has studied classical, contemporary, blues and jazz and began his teaching career by offering group guitar lessons out of his garage in Edmonton. As his popularity grew, he was offered a teaching job as a resident artist at the Lotus Art Gallery in Edmonton, hosting private and group music lessons


Damian was active in the Edmonton music scene hosting open mics, composing his own songs, and collaborating with other musicians. Since moving he still enjoys writing and performing and is always keeping busy with new projects

In-Home Lessons: Victoria

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